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How To Use MovieStarPlanet Cheats

Though initial account creation is free at MovieStarPlanet, ultimately you will have to spend hard cash to buy virtual currency. There are sites with MovieStarPlanet cheats that can give you the virtual currency you require absolutely free.

Among the various online forums and platforms available for children, the MovieStarPlanet is a popular site. It is a virtual worldwide playground if you are aged between eight and fifteen. This social interactive forum allows you to play on the floor and create your characters, dress them up as you play the games and rise up the different levels. Though the initial process of creating an account is free, as you move up the levels you will have to use the extended features to stay ahead.

How it works

The extended features at the MovieStarPlanet do not come free, and you will have to use the virtual currency to buy them. It is difficult to earn those virtual currencies without making any investment. You can use the moviestarplanet cheats to get some of those currencies absolutely free.


  • These cheats are websites that are designed to generate StarCoins and Diamonds, the virtual currency on the planet by connecting to the parent website.
  • Since they claim to be regularly upgraded, they keep up with the database of the original MovieStarPlanet website and counter the moves.
  • Since the cheat websites are encrypted as well as anonymous, the MovieStarPlanet do not get to detect account of the user.
  • The services of the cheat websites are totally free of any charges.
  • The online generators of the cheat sites promise to give you the points within a few minutes of completing the formalities on the site.
  • Some of the cheat sites claim to give free unlimited StarCoins and Diamonds to your account. They claim to be quick and risk-free too as professional programmers carry out the work of matching the database and upgrading the currency status totally anonymously.
  • The cheats are compatible for Android or any other system as well as browser based for the desktop. Though most sites come with positive user reviews at the end, it is not unusual to find a website that contains only corrupt data.
  • You use the cheats to generate StarCoins and Diamonds, according to your requirement and shop for amenities that you need for your animation. After all while you play and create on the MovieStarPlanet, you have to spend real hard cash to buy virtual currency.
  • At times when you are on a shoe-string budget, you have to cut down spending on your games and the internet. It is during these times that you can think of using the cheats.

Free membership and currency

The moviestarplanet cheats claim to work by accessing the database of the games of MovieStarPlanet. Once you log on to these cheat sites with your MovieStarPlanet username and id, they process your account details. Matching it up with the database of the MovieStarPlanet, the cheat sites then edit the currency amount in your account. The planet cheats have options of giving you a VIP membership valid for one month, three months, six months and also one year. Since the only way to access the exclusive Diamond Store and buy expensive articles is through VIP membership, you can now shop there free using the cheats.

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What Do You Do In MovieStarPlanet Chat Rooms?

 Chat rooms are places where you meet like-minded friend and share your ideas and opinion on a favorite subject and creative ideas. The MovieStarPlanet Chat rooms are designed for public chats, and for all members, as well as topic-based specified chat rooms.

 You are hooked on to the virtual playing arena, creating and sharing, updating with your friends. The virtual arena has so much to offer you in terms of activities. Not just creations and competitions, you can also share your ideas and get new ones from your friends on the virtual ground. Your favorite pet can earn more appreciation from your friends, and you get to earn more by liking them too.

How the chat rooms work

A chat room is one of the web devices that will provide you the opportunity to interact with your friends especially on a common area of interest. The MovieStarPlanet Chat rooms are some of these places where you can catch up with your old friend or acquaintance or make new friends.


  • You can choose the room of your liking from among the eight chat rooms that are available of the site.
  • For each chat room, there are communications regarding the subject on which the room is themed.
  • For entry to some of the chat rooms, you will have to fulfill the requirements.
  • The chat room marked Mall is accessible only to those who have reached level eight plus.
  • You can enter the pet park only if you have a bonnie or a pet with you.
  • The theme based chat rooms can be accessed only if you are wearing the dress of the current theme.
  • You can watch YouTube videos in the cinema chat room.
  • When you log in, you will do best not to reveal your personal identity but use the name of your favorite character or the like.
  • When you enter any of the public chat domains you will be able to see the taste of people in the chat room, according to their names.
  • You would do well to avoid the undesirable names and fall prey to any bad intentions. Any user asking for personal details such as age are immediately warned. While chatting, make sure that you enjoy and have pure fun safely.
  • While chatting you will come across both innocuous names as well as those that are provoking. It is good to exercise control while to engage in chatting.
  • There are certain safety and security protocols to follow while chatting. The use of any obscene language is strictly monitored both electronically as well as manually. This will prompt the website to pop up a warning message. If you fall into the trap of using any such banned language and are reported against, you will have your account permanently deleted.

Loads of fun

It is exciting and fun to talk to your friends in thechat room on the topics of your liking with people around you virtually. While you create, publish and share, there is more you can do in terms of enriching your ideas for your next project. You can engage in public chats as well, where all are free to air their opinions on the MovieStarPlanet Chat room. Chatting with strangers requires care, as you may get into conversation with a wrong person that will end up blocking your account and losing all your StarCoins and Diamonds.

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What You Can Do With Free VIP Membership At MovieStarPlanet

While you create and play on the MovieStarPlanet, you will often need to shop for amenities to make your creation unique. If you have earned a free VIP membership for the planet, then you can make use of it to go shopping for unique items stacked away for VIP members only.

 MovieStarPlanet is a virtual social interactive place where children between the years of eight and fifteen can sign up for a free account. Once you enter the site, you will have to select a favorites star, and login to create your free account. Having done this, you can now play games, enter the public chat domain or browse through different pages. As it is a social network also, you get to meet friends you know, as well as friends who are new and interesting too. At the end of the day, you come out with more fun activity than before.

What you can do

If you wish to fast track your name to fame, and have access to the extended and privileged features, you can pay to do so too. If you are lucky enough to get free VIP membership, there a number of facilities that you can avail. It is good to learn how to use your free membership well. Since they can be expensive, make the best use of them while you can.

  • With a VIP membership, you can get access to the items reserved for VIP members such as buying better pets.
  • You will get more chances to spin the daily wheel so as to earn StarCoins.
  • A VIP membership will entail you to use the chatroom that is specially designated only for VIP members.
  • You get the chance to earn more autographs with a VIP membership.
  • Instant rise to fame is possible with this membership.
  • You can have five times more friends and give more autographs too.
  • The VIP memberships of the MovieStarPlanet come in different packages.
  • You will have to see how long you can use the benefits of the membership. Firstly, you will have to see whether it is a Normal, Elite or a Star VIP category that your free membership falls into.
  • Within each category, there are four different kinds of packages that will remain active for a week, a month, three months or a year.
  • It is during this valid period that you can use your free membership to make purchases or play extended game facilities.
  • They are best used to buy selected items that are exclusively reserved for the VIP members. In that case, you can use them to create your new movie with a lot of added features that would be otherwise expensive to do.

You need currency

In fact, if you wish to make movies and exhibit your creative art at its best, you will have to make use of good animation, backdrop and costumes for the characters too. For doing all this, you will have to pay with the virtual currency, the StarCoins and the diamonds. With the free VIP, you have better options at your disposal while shopping for articles such as clothing for your next creation. The more attractive you make your work, the more StarCoins you are likely to earn. After all, a well-made movie with attractive animations and costumes is sure to add bring more autos and earn more StarCoins for future use. So, go shopping with your free membership!

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Where You Can Get The MovieStarPlanet App

While you can play the games and create your movies on the desktop, you can save the same on your mobile devices with the right compatibility. You can choose the MovieStarPlanet app like the Robot Blast, or the Star Studio among others to have a blast of a time.

 MovieStarPlanet is website that is a social network and a forum for children to play, interact and post their creations in terms of movies and interesting boards. If you are between eight and fifteen, you can become a member and create your account for free. Once you create a movie star of your choice, you create your account with protected user id and password. You have to keep the account details a secret, as leaking them out can lead your account to be hacked by others in an abusive way that will lead to the deletion of your account, and also make you lose any virtual currency that was stored.

How to find the apps

You can play the download the program on to your desk-top via the internet connection and use it sitting at your desk. But in case you do not have access to at desk-top due to any reason what-so-ever, you need not despair.


  • There are different Apps which the site official website has, so that you can directly play games of your choice instead of having to browse through other objects.
  • You can download the MovieStarPlanet app on compatible mobile devices, as well as the desktop.
  • Now depending on which kind of software your mobile device is compatible with, you will have to select the options of the Apple App Store or the Google play.
  • In case of the Apple device, compatibility of the device will have to be a minimum of iOS 5.1.1 or more. You can download iTunes and enhance your creative work.
  • In case of the Android device, go to Google Play and download the apps of games you wish to play by naming them on the search engine.
  • You will require a free space of 13M and an Android version of 2.2 or above. The current version is 1.9.1.
  • The different apps that you can download are RoboBlast Planet, the Boonie Planet, Fame City, Boonie Rescue, Boonie Bounce and the Star Studio.
  • With the Boonie Rescue app, you can play on for hours reaching different levels while having unadulterated fun. Launch a hunt for the lost Boonie in fluffy and funny spaceships gliding across the universe.
  • With the Star Studio app, you can build your studio and creating amazing movie sets to attract the attention of others.
  • If you are looking for some StarCoins, you can use the Boonie Bounce app. You can have your Boonie bounce high up from all sorts of place and earn you currency too!
  • The Robot Blast app can be open a ballistic game and can turn the stadium into a battle ground.

What you can do

Downloading MovieStarPlanet app will allow you to play the game of your choice by creating your favorite character and dressing them as you want to. You can create your robot or a monster Boonie and upgrade them too. You can explore the awesome hideouts of the Boonie, and look for treasures and reach the legendary Boonie. You can transfer the StarCoins and Fame that you earn while playing the games to decking your movie star on the StarMoviePlanet.

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Is MovieStarPlanet Just For Children?

With the internet becoming a part of your daily life, children too are catching up with its use. While you hook on to your social network of chats and tweets, children too love to play games online. In fact, children love to interact among themselves as much as they wish to play and have a good time. Reading at some social networks have created platforms for children to be part of a universal playground and networking system too.

Why it is for children

The MovieStarPlanet is one of them where children can play, and post their new creations too. Children have the option of choosing from among a host of movie stars, and project them in their creative ways.


  • The official website of the MovieStarPlanet states that all children aged between eight and fifteen can become its members free of any cost.
  • It just takes them to create a movie star of their choice to open an account that will open only with their individual id and password.
  • The MovieStarPlanet children earn points by playing games on the floor, as well as interacting socially in chat rooms. The points gained are in terms of StarCoins. Fame points that they can use to buy the virtual amenities to use them for making movies and boards.
  • As they move up the levels, they gain more access to the extended facilities reserved for the levels in terms of VIP membership. These can also be bought by paying for StarCoinsand diamond using the credit cards.
  • Though it is a platform for children, the official website encourages parents to take an active part in their online activity.
  • As a commitment to keep the virtual playground safe for all children, the website spells out some of its policies.
  • The activities of children while on the planet is said to be monitored both electronically as well as manually. They have a bar on the use of offensive languages which is monitored by way of using word filter.
  • The posting of any kind of any kind of unwanted questions or personal details will flag a warning that the child can stop. A report against such a user will lead to warning and finally the deletion of the account altogether.
  • Once an account is deleted, the StarCoins, Diamonds and other currency stored in the account will be lost irretrievably.
  • The movies themselves help turn the fantasy world into a visual reality that in reality help children develop their imaginative faculty.

 A boost to creativity

 The MovieStarPlanet children interface can really help boosting children’s creative ability and make them alert too. They get the chance to express ideas about their fantasied characters and put them into a virtual movie form too. The virtual playground can be a fecund ground for children alone if used properly. There are different options for children to chat as well. Soon after creating an account, the child can enter into a public chat with other friends. But it has been also been observed that while some friends have innocuous names and dresses, others bear inappropriate names and wear such dresses too. Parental monitoring at these levels will keep the virtual environment clean.